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Customized Messaging

The Customized message is a special feature we offer that involves sending the same messages to different recepients with different set of information related to the specific recipients. For example, When sending fee balances to different parents in a schooling institution, or sending students results to parents respective phones, or sometimes an insurance company sending notification messages to clients with there names included.

Automated Messaging

This feature involves simple messages that are created and set to be sent automatically at a future set time. Example, Creating a message to be sent at 7am of the next day to different clients. This kind of message remains in the system and is sent automatically by the system when the set time comes.

Instant Messaging

This is the simplest messaging type among all. It involves sending of messages and sending them immediately. Maybe like your cellphone but this time its in bulk form .

Private Portals

Private portals are messaging portals that comes with an institution's customized name branded on it. Private portals also come with aditional features to fit individual institutions. for example, Schooling institutions get portals that allows them to send report cards , and communicate to specified stake holders at a go. Religious institutions might benefit from the ability to have daily bible verses sent to the congregations. Billing protals also fall under this category.


This fetaure allows for intergration between our system and client websites. Meaning you can use our systems for purposes like, resseting passwords, sending new passwords, sending website information to clients who subscribe to your activity.

Timely Messages

Timely messages are also automated messages but they are sent to different recepients at different times. For example an insurance organization's ability to send expiry notifications when there expiry dates come to pass. This could be as well be automated meaning the organization does not need to manually send the messages everyday but rather automate the process.

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